About us


The birth of QSU is the 01.08.1995, when the Dipl. ship engineer, and quality engineer DGQ Johannes Köster give up his activity after several years as Ch. Eng. aboard, as Inspector and Auditor at Germanischer Lloyd, to work henceforth as a management systems consultant independently.

The level of activity was the advice on the creation of management systems according to ISO 9001-9003 for shipping-related businesses and the introduction of the ISM Code in predominantly German shipping companies. Johannes Köster was also active as a certification auditor for several certification bodies. He was approved and working as an auditor in the IACS QSCS from 1995-2017.

To the forthcoming introduction of the ISPS code, Johannes Köster established with a partner the "QSU security GbR", which then hundreds of ships equipped with ship security plan’s (SSP).

Parallel QSU established a global network of Auditors for the cost effective auditing of management systems to help shipping companies. Since then, QSU offers also the supervision of management systems which extends far beyond the normal auditing business.

QSU went up in 2006 in the QSU GmbH, quality, safety and environmental management with Johannes Köster as the 1st Director of QSU GmbH.

In the following years the scope of the consultancy was expanded to:


·         MLC, 2006

·         ISO 14001 (environmental - management)

·         ISO 50001 (energy management)

·         Garbage treatment

·         Ballast water management plan

·         SEEMP

·         Asbestos control plan

·         etc.


2011 joined the Capt. and Dipl. industrial engineer Frank-Christian Schneider the QSU GmbH as project manager. 2016 he was appointed to the 2nd Managing Director of QSU GmbH. Since 01.01.2017 in accordance to the age-related retirement of Johannes Köster, Frank-Christian Schneider is now the sole Managing Director of QSU GmbH.

2015 the QSU GmbH founded with the partner exag GmbH from Lübeck the new "HMI GbR (QSU & exag)" to the provision of services in the area / (Hong Kong Convention/EU SRR). The HMI GbR (QSU&exag) is now considered one of the leading providers for worldwide IHM- projects in Germany. Since 2018 the HMI GbR (QSU&exag) is an "Approved service supplier" of the Korean Register (KR) for "Visual/Sampling Check and Testing for hazardous material".